Center for Academic Support & Excellence (CASE)

The Center for Academic Support & Excellence (CASE) is committed to student development and academic achievement, providing a variety of academic resources in a student-centered environment. CASE actively promotes campus partnerships and supportive networking. All services are free to students. Located in mobile units east and west.

Learning & Writing Center

The Marian University Learning & Writing Center provides assistance to students outside the classroom. Professionals and peers assist students with science, mathematics, reading, writing, and study skills. Study groups are available. Located in A202.

Math Academic Services

Marian University’s Learning Center offers assistance for students in their math courses, Praxis/Core math exams, and general math skills. Students wanting to build their math skills or receive tutoring for their math courses can use both one-on-one help and study groups, coordinated by either the Math Learning Specialist or a peer tutor.  Whether students are having difficulty with a single problem or need further instruction on a math topic to ensure understanding, Math Academic Services is available to provide these resources. Located in A202

Reading Academic Services

Reading Services assists students with reading and comprehension of college level material and preparation for the Praxis/Core Reading and Writing exams. Kurzweil, a comprehensive web based learning program, with text to speech capability and study skills and writing tools is available to all students.  Located in A212.

Science Academic Services

Whether majoring in one of Marian’s science disciplines or fulfilling core requirements, students seeking assistance with their science courses can receive one-on-one support or participate in study groups facilitated by the Science Learning Specialist or by an advanced peer tutor. Additional resources include interactive online resources created by the Science Learning specialist. Located in A202

Writing Services

Marian University Writing Services assists students in gaining confidence and competence in communication skills necessary for successful college learning. Both professional and trained peer tutors assist students in improving writing and compositional skills.  In addition, writing services assists students with proficiency in research and APA and MLA formatting styles and offers services and resources to English Language Learners. Located in A212.