The Chemistry and Physics Department offers majors in chemistry, and minors in chemistry, chemistry education, and natural science. The Chemistry and Physics Department provides students with courses and experiences in a wide variety of areas in the disciplines of chemistry and physics. It prepares students for entrance into the chemical industry, graduate school, health profession schools, and teaching science. Students desiring certification for teaching science in grades 5–12 take an additional major in middle–secondary education. Chemistry majors must achieve an average GPA of 2.50 in their chemistry courses before graduation. Transfer students must complete 18 or more of their chemistry credits at Marian University for the chemistry major and must complete 8 or more of their chemistry credits at Marian University for the chemistry minor.

Our new state of the art facilities enables students to utilize advanced instrumentations and obtain ample hands-on practice in preparation for a career in analytical chemistry, chemistry lab scientist, or quality control chemist.  The science program at Marian further provides the students opportunities of integrating their chemistry research with other sciences and statistics on a path to even more career options.

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Sarah Garvey

Professor Sarah L. Garvey received her Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee working under the supervision of Prof. Mark Dietz.  She joined Marian University in 2014, is currently an Assistant Professor and is excited to teach general and analytical chemistry courses.  Dr. Garvey earned her B.S. from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and performed undergraduate research in the lab of Prof. Charles Gibson.  Dr. Garvey is interested in investigating the use of ionic-liquids in an array of applications such as dye extraction from wastewater, use as lubricants in the study of tribology, or metal ion extraction from radioactive waste.  She is a member of the American Chemical Society (ACS) and actively involved with the local ACS chapter as an executive committee member.  She has published 11 peer-reviewed articles in journals including Journal of Chemical Education, Talanta, Separation and Purification Technology, Separation Science Technology and Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research.


Taylor Lauscher

I chose Marian because the campus being smaller gave a feeling of being at home. Everyone was friendly and welcoming each time I came to the campus. I am glad I chose to come here because the smaller classroom sizes allow for personalized learning. The professors get to know all of their students. This allows the professors to share opportunities to help students achieve their goals. At Marian, the faculty take a personal interest in my learning and it has helped me be successful.


Alumni Kristin Skubic

Kristin Skubic

Kristin Skubic, born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri is a 2015 graduate having earned her B.S. in chemistry from Marian University. While at Marian, she was a research assistant in the laboratory of Dr. Sarah Garvey. Skubic investigated in analytical techniques that could be used to extract dyes from wastewater utilizing ionic liquids. In July 2016, Skubic moved back home to St. Louis and Christopher Arnatt’s laboratory (Saint Louis University), where the concentration is on medicinal chemistry. Her graduate research focused on two main areas: compounds for breast cancer treatment with monosubstituted naphthalimide intercalators and bivalent chemical probes for targeting breast cancer disease. Skubic was able to expand her research to include more biology and computational modeling, which allowed her to be involved in multiple facets of the projects within her doctorate degree. Ultimately, she hopes to build on her experience working with chemical and biological systems for a possible option in breast cancer therapeutics.