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The English Department strives to ensure that all Marian University students develop their skills in composing and appreciating written discourse. The programs offer students opportunities to enhance their skills in expository and creative writing; increase their understanding and appreciation of literature representing a variety of cultures, genres, and perspectives; and explore the theory and practice of literary criticism.

The English Department at Marian offers students the opportunity to join Sigma Tau Delta, the English International Honor Society. Students are invited to join after three semesters of college-level study, after completing two English courses beyond composition, and after maintaining a 3.0 GPA. The honor society allows students to apply for national scholarships and internships. Students can also apply to present their work at the Sigma Tau Delta conference. Each year, several students present their original poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, or critical writing. This trip has become the highlight for many students and prepares them well for any career they choose.

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Christina Kubasta

Christina Kubasta, Associate Professor of English and Co-Director of the Honors Program, is a working writer who publishes poetry, fiction, reviews, and columns. Her most recent books are the poetry collection Of Covenants (Whitepoint Press, 2017) and the novella Girling (Brain Mill Press, 2017). Her first novel, This Business of the Flesh, is due out in fall 2018. She is active in the local literary scene, working with the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets and editing their literary magazine Bramble, as well as coordinating the Lake Reading Series at the Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts in Fond du Lac. She also serves as Assistant Poetry Editor for Brain Mill Press, reading poetry manuscripts and writing a regular review column, Portaging. Kubasta’s writing augments her teaching, as she brings her expertise into the classroom, guiding writing students to understand the creation, workshop, and submission process, inviting visiting writers to share their work in the classroom and enabling literature students to understand story and image from the inside out. As she addresses topics related to gender, sexuality, and the body in her own work, she encourages students to analyze why these topics matter in the work of contemporary authors. I think there should be something her about her educational credentials.


Demond Mettlach

From Milwaukee Wisconsin, Demond graduated from St. Lawrence Seminary a boarding school in Mt. Calvary Demond and decided on Marian’s English program for his college career. Demond Mettlach is senior majoring in English writing with a minor in psychology at Marian University. Demond is studying English writing in hopes of becoming an author. He wants to be able to write fantastic novels that inspire other people to write their own works because that’s how he came to love writing.

Demond came to Marian’s English program because of how welcoming and invested the professors were. His advisor from day one has been such a great help. He checks in with him from time to time and always encourages him to write every day.

The program will help Demond do what he wants to do because the professors are not only great people but great resources. Here at Marian the professors that work within the program want to see him succeed. They help in every way possible, from encouraging writing or suggesting different outside writing opportunities. The professors are great resources because they all have a lot of experience in the writing business and often share tips and give suggestions which it is greatly appreciated.

Demond studied in England for a semester which was an amazing experience from start to finish. From the moment he landed to the moment he left the country he learned new things from the British and their culture. Studying abroad is such a great experience and really helped him grow as a person.  During the trip he was able to self-reflect and learn a lot about himself as an individual.



Jenna Marco

Jenna Marcoe grew up in Oakfield, Wisconsin. After graduating from high school, she attended college at Concordia University- Wisconsin for one year and then transferred to Marian University as a sophomore. She found the campus to be incredibly welcoming and loved the small town atmosphere. The dedicated professors made for an excellent educational experience and challenged her to think and create work beyond what she thought she could do.

While attending Marian University, Jenna was also an active member of Sigma Tau Delta- an international English honor society.  In the spring of 2015, her poetry was selected to be read at the annual Sigma Tau Delta convention in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Jenna completed her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary/Middle Education at Marian University in May 2016. She also graduated with three minors in Language Arts, Writing, and Spanish.  Upon graduation, Jenna has made it her mission to serve the children in the community of Fond du Lac. This is her second year as a teacher at Woodworth Middle School, where she teaches sixth grade Language Arts. In addition, Jenna is an afterschool Project Learn tutor, which is a program offered through Boys and Girls Club. This spring she also looks forward to coaching a Girls on the Run team and has recently applied to be a “big sister” through Big Brothers Big Sisters. Jenna hopes to continue serving the community in the years to come and is always looking for new ways to get involved.