Marian University provides educational experiences based on its teaching mission as a Catholic liberal arts university. We continually assesses how well we develop our students’ capacity to act in accordance with our core values of learning, community, service, social justice, and spiritual traditions. As an institution, we’ve identified crucial student and organizational learning outcomes that, when assessed, provide evidence of the quality of our work to achieve the teaching mission.

Knowledge Acquisition: Students use analytical skills to research, interpret, and evaluate information within a variety of learning contexts.

Effective Communication: Students appreciate, comprehend, and critically evaluate written, oral, and visual communication and use a variety of means to express themselves effectively.

Critical Thinking: Students use various modes of inquiry to solve complex problems in multiple contexts involving interpretation, evaluation, analysis, and inference

Global Perspectives: Students understand the impact of culture* on individual and group beliefs and actions.

Socially Responsible Action: Students develop a personal sense of social justice.

Student Learning Outcomes in Academic Programs

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