In striving to cultivate a diverse learning experience, we give additional support to students of varying cultures, lifestyles, and beliefs. Marian University strives to create an inclusive environment where everyone can get the assistance they need, when they need it.

  • Strive Program
  • Students with disabilities
  • Fond du Lac Community Involvement
  • Resources and Support for Healing in the Wake of Charlottesville
  • Affinity Groups
    • ALANA(formerly AHANA – Africans, Hispanics, Asians, and Native Americans) was coined in 1979 by a few Boston College undergraduates who were unsettled that the word “minority” was being used to describe people of color. AHANA represents inclusiveness, and institutions all across the country have adopted the term, or its alternative ALANA – which is what Marian University uses. We are proud of our ongoing commitment to social justice and we continue to create individual and societal change that supports the value, dignity, and opportunity of every person.
    • SPECTRUM(in the list of student clubs)
    • Black Student Union
    • The Diversity Club


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