Traveling "Miles Away"

Bond University Aerial PhotoBefore I go into too much detail about where I will be going, I should first say where I am. My name is Miles Qualmann, a sophomore attending Marian University, majoring in Graphic Arts and minoring in Culture, Media & Gender Studies. I have been interested in studying abroad since my senior year of high school, after a two week experience in France. I was hooked.

Now, here I am, two days before I leave to go study at Bond University, in Robina, Queensland, Australia. Bond is home to approximately 3,000 undergraduate and 1,200 postgraduate students, making it more than twice the size of Marian.

How are you feeling? Are you excited? (A question that I seem to be hearing more and more often.)

Yes, I am feeling, and yes, I am excited, and nervous, scared, anxious, and terrified. The truth is, there's not exactly one word to describe all of this. And I think I might be going insane while writing this, thinking about what I have left to do, including the loads of laundry left to do, packing (way more than I probably need), to making sure I get to the airport on time and get to my terminal on time.

Bond University MapBut the reality is, the answer is more complicated. I'm excited to experience living in a foreign country (and living on campus for that matter, since I'm a commuter student at Marian), meeting new friends, seeing Australia, and holding a koala. I'm also terrified of flying for 9,000 "miles away" from home, leaving my friends here at Marian, making new friends at Bond University and the various creatures down under including sharks, crocodiles, and giant spiders. It's scary, okay?

The next few days will be spent with my family and friends, a sort of bittersweet goodbye to everyone here. I can't wait to get out into this wide, wide world, and start this crazy journey for the fall semester.

I will keep you all updated, with posts every week. Next time I write, I will be in Australia.



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