Springbrook National Park

First Lookout

This weekend, I, along with a group of friends, decided to make the journey into the Hinterlands. The Hinterlands are basically the rainforests between the cities on the Gold Coast and the Australian Outback.

We started our day at about 8:30 a.m. and caught a bus to head to Surfer's Paradise, where we picked up our rental car for the day. Since there were five of us, we all had to chip in about $20, which covered all of our expenses for the day. The drive took about 50 minutes, with about half being on beautiful mountain roads. The view was fantastic even before we stepped out of the car.

After some interesting driving, on the left side of the road of course, we made it to our destination. This was our first overlook, and it was incredible. Off in the distance, we could see the Surfer's Paradise skyline and the ocean beyond it.

WaterfallSoon after we stopped at this overlook, we hopped back in the car and drove a few kilometres up to the next stop, where we decided that we would take a bit of a hike to see the lush forest and eventually be able to see the waterfalls up close. After about 4 km of walking on the trails, we decided to stop and eat lunch right off the trail on a giant boulder. We had a view that looked out above the rainforest and we could only see the cliffs and trees that surrounded us. It was such a cool place to stop for a few minutes, rest our legs, and refuel a bit.

We continued on for a few more kilometres until we reached the falls (which we couldn't walk under due to a rockslide a week earlier), which were stunning. We stopped here for a quick break, and then walked a little further before we decided we had had enough, and turned around for the trek back up the mountainside. The whole walking trip was about 12 km.

Best of allAfter walking the trail, we decided to take it easy and head to some of the easily accessible overlooks. One of our last lookouts at Springbrook was called the "Best of All Lookout," and it was, literally, the best of them all. You could see the natural ridge that separates Queensland and New South Wales, a breathtaking view.

Natural BridgeSoon after that, we headed down the road about 15 km to the Natural Bridge section of Springbrook, that featured a small walking trail, glow worm caves, and a crazy natural bridge. Words can't even describe what this sight was like, but I managed to capture this cool photo of it. A photo is worth a thousand words, right?



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