Classes Starting and Finding Aussies


I'm finally starting to settle in here on the Gold Coast and am loving it here. The weather is gorgeous and the people are great!

After being here for over a week, we all have finally realized why we are here, and that is to go to class and get an education. With my first class at 8 a.m. on Monday, I think I may have learned quicker than others. I started out my courses here with a two-hour lecture, a 'tutorial' class, which uses a smaller class size to have more interaction with professors, a lab (all for one class, Image & Photography) and ended my day with another lecture for my Introduction to Philosophy class.

Tuesday consisted of a relatively interesting look at Australian History, and Wednesday presented only one class, Mass Media, which examines the media and how it is interpreted by different cultures and social groups.

During O-Week, most of the students on campus were international students that are studying abroad like myself. The international students that I found consisted of mostly Americans, but also included other nationalities such as German, Dutch, Canadian, Japanese, Chinese and English (UK). Now that classes have started, the Aussies are back! I managed to step out of my comfort zone on Monday and sat down with a group of returning students for lunch and just like that, I now have some Australian friends. It's seriously cool to think about.

Market Square

Also, since we are trying to fit in as Aussies here, we have gone to the beach a couple of times, and it's still amazing every time. We have only been over the Broadbeach, which is about a 10-minute bus ride plus a 10-minute walk. With it's soft and warm sand, and beautiful view of Surfer's Paradise's skyline, it's the perfect place to be. There is one downside to this beach though. We have to walk through a mall to get there, which makes delicious snacks like Tim Tams very hard to resist. (In the photo: It's a Frisbee, not a UFO).

Since these snacks are relatively cheap and are not healthy…like at all, I have felt the urge to get fruits and such every couple of days at a smaller store in Market Square. I pay for the convenience, but I figure it's worth it. Plus I get to walk along the beautiful Lake Orr every time if I want. Which is neat.

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