Byron Bay and Midterms

After a high paced weekend trip to Sydney, I needed to take a relaxing break from that lifestyle, so I decided to slow down this weekend. Byron Bay is about an hour south of the New South Wales state border, and it took about 2 hours to get there from Bond.

LighthouseWe planned on touring the town of Byron, which consists of about three or four streets, laying on the beach, and hang-gliding. Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side, and it was rainy and dark for most of the weekend. We decided to make the most of the weekend anyway. We stayed at Aquarius Backpackers hostel, which was great (and a cheap) accommodation. Our first night, Thursday, we made friends with our roommates, which consisted of two Germans and a burly Swede. We spent the night walking along the beach and just talking on the balcony of our room.

On Friday, we spent the day looking in all of the shops in Byron, which mostly consisted of souvenir shops, and a few surf and skate stores. The weather was pretty bad most of the morning, but looked to clear up during the late afternoon. Sadly, it didn't clear up enough and the conditions weren't right for hang-gliding. Nevertheless, we got over it, and relaxed, again on the balcony.

Eastern PointOn Saturday, we took a really cool bus up to a town in the mountains called Nimbin. This village consists of one main street, and was populated by hippies in the 1970's (our bus driver told us a little history). Nimbin is seriously a strange place, but a fun place. In the evening, we took a bit of a walk up to the Cape Byron Lighthouse, and the most eastern point on mainland Australia. The rest of the trip consisted of relaxing in the hostel and the great town of Byron.

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday were fun-filled days of studying for my midterm exam and finishing an essay. This weekend my family is visiting me! I'm excited to see them and show them how I've been living for the past eight weeks, and to see some more attractions while they are here!



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