Are you recruiting for Marian?
However pleased we may be with a student’s choice to attend our institution, we are not recruiting for Marian. Our goal is to help students graduate from high school and gain admission to a college or university of their choosing.

What does this cost?
The program is free of cost to students and their families. On occasion, we may require students to transport themselves to and from a designate drop-off point for activities. This will typically be the high school that they are attending. We, in fact pay you to be a part of our program. Click hereto learn more about it.

Why should I spend my time doing this?
With UBMS, Marian wants to ultimately help resupplying the Fond du Lac area with qualified professionals in the STEM (Science – Technology – Engineering – Mathematics) fields. Therefore, local students have opportunities to gain new knowledge, participate in experiential learning, and prepare for future enriching careers. According to a study done by the Fond du Lac Area Chamber of Commerce in 2011, “Within 15 years, 19,500 positions are projected to be unfilled in Fond du Lac County. These positions will require education beyond a high school diploma.”

Does UBMS help pay for college?
UBMS does not pay for tuition, nor does it provide scholarships. We do offer a monthly stipend for participation in the program. Services provided include financial literacy and assistance in securing funding for college.

Are Upward Bound students guaranteed admission to Marian University?
No, they are not. If a UBMS chooses to apply to Marian, they must apply for admission and meet admission criteria in order to be accepted, just as any non-UBMS student would. It should be noted that UBMS students will be eligible for scholarships at Marian and tuition credit.

What if I like one subject and not the other?
You should still apply. You will be in both subject areas in addition to other related topics.

What if I don’t like Math or Science?
The UBMS program is designed to assist students with and expose students to subject matter in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The courses are also designed to help enhance your skills in math and science. If you are not interested in any of those fields, you may still apply. While we hope to change your mind, preference will, however, be given to those who have expressed interest in the subject areas above.

Will I be receiving class credit for this program?
This program has no impact on your GPA in high school. At this time, class credit is not offered


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The first graduate (master’s degree) program was started in 1987. The PhD program was started in 2004 (Source: Marian University Archives).

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