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Social Work

Inspiring brighter lives in the community and beyond.

In your community, throughout your state and across our country, there are countless families and individuals who need the kind of help and support that can only come from a caring and skilled social worker. And for decades now, Marian has been educating and training social workers who truly understand those needs, and know how to go about finding solutions.

The Program
More than anything, the social work program at Marian is about empowerment. We empower our students through a curriculum designed to prepare them for careers as certified social workers and, if desired, pursue an advanced degree. And our students, in turn, embark on lives defined by empowering individuals, families, groups and communities everywhere. By blending our proven and relevant curriculum with 450 hours of field internship experience, students are equipped to begin changing lives for the better immediately upon graduation.

The Possibilities
As a student in the social work program, you’ll explore the broad range of areas related to the field, including human behavior, policy analysis, social work practice and ethics and values. And you’ll enhance this study through the program’s extensive offering of hands-on learning experiences, including internships at social service agencies and other organizations throughout the state. This well-rounded approach, in addition to the opportunities to develop leadership and team-building skills in Pi Gamma Mu, Phi Alpha and the Student Social Work Association, will distinguish you in the eyes of employers and graduate schools.

The Results
Each year, graduates of Marian’s social work program go out and make a real difference in the world. In fact, more than 98 percent of our graduates enter graduate school or find immediate employment as social workers, in a field that the U.S. Department of Labor projects will grow by 25 percent through the year 2020. As a graduate of the program, you’ll be prepared to work in a wide range of settings, including health care, mental health agencies, rehabilitation centers, child and youth services, correctional facilities, agencies for the elderly and colleges and universities.

The Marian Difference
A Bachelor’s in Social Work from Marian commands respect. It’s that simple. Along with our founding mission of social justice and spiritual traditions, our program is respected because of the relationships we’ve developed with leading agencies and organizations that hire our graduates and partner with us on internships. These include Dodge County Human Services, Fond du Lac County Department of Social Services, Fox Lake Correctional Institution, Head Start, Juvenile Intake, St. Agnes Hospital, United Way and Winnebago County Department of Human Services.

Social work icon
Learning goes beyond the classroom at Marian University, as social work Professor Leslie Jaber-Wilson and several Marian students give back to the community through service-learning projects. Click here to read more.

Program Information

Council on Social Work Education
1725 Duke Street, Suite 500
Alexandria, VA 22314-3457
(703) 683-8099

General Education Program: 46-49 credits of University requirements, including School of Nursing and Health Professions course requirements (55-58 credits):
BIO 100 Life Systems, 3 cr.
BIO 150 Life Systems Laboratory, 1 cr.
HIS 205 History of Selected Minorities, 3 cr.
POS 205 American Government, 3 cr.
PSY 101 General Psychology, 3 cr.
PSY 105 Human Development, 3 cr.
PSY 211 Abnormal Psychology, 3 cr.
SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology, 3 cr.

47 credits:
SWK 101 Introduction to Social Work and Human Services, 3 cr.
SWK 111 Interpersonal Skills, 3 cr.
SWK 210 Statistical Techniques for Research Data Analysis, 3 cr.
SWK 301 Human Behavior and the Social Environment, 3 cr.
SWK 311 Generalist Practice I: Natural Resource Systems, 3 cr.
SWK 312 Generalist Practice II: Societal Resource Systems, 3 cr.
SWK 321 Skills Laboratory I, 3 cr.
SWK 322 Grant Writing, 3 cr.
SWK 331 Policies and Programs, 3 cr.
SWK 352 Research Methods, 3 cr.
SWK 411 Seminar I, 2 cr.
SWK 412 Seminar II, 1 cr.
SWK 421 Family Intervention, 3 cr.
SWK 432 Senior Seminar, 3 cr.
SWK 497 Social Work Internship I, 4 cr.
SWK 498 Social Work Internship II, 4 cr.

0-18 credits from the following:
SWK 204 Special Topics, 3 cr.
SWK 360 Practicum in Research I, 1-3 cr.
SWK 362 Practicum in Research II, 1-3 cr.
SWK 404 Special Topics, 1-3 cr.
SWK 414 Independent Study, 3 cr.
SWK 422 Law and the Helping Professions, 3 cr.

23-26 credits:
University electives

For more details regarding this program, view Marian’s Academic Bulletin.

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