Discovering inspired solutions from the natural world.

Learning is about discovery. Exploration. It’s about finding realistic solutions to life’s toughest questions. And there are few academic disciplines that exemplify this in quite the same way as biology. Marian’s biology program will put you at the forefront of that discovery, and position you for a lifetime of answering those tough questions.

The Program
If anything in life has the power to inspire, it’s finding truths from the natural world around us that can enhance the way we live. The biology program is all about empowering you to do just that. You’ll benefit from the program’s small, dynamic lectures, which will give you the theoretical knowledge that you'll apply in extensive laboratory, research and field work. You’ll work closely with our experienced and respected faculty, who are recognized leaders in the field and believe in a true mentoring relationship with their students.

The Possibilities
As a student in the biology program, you’ll be presented with countless opportunities to enhance your learning experience and set yourself apart in the eyes of employers and graduate schools. From gaining valuable insights into the human anatomy through dissecting a human cadaver, to exploring amazing habitats and ecosystems in places like Costa Rica and Australia, to working on significant research projects and presenting your findings to the Marian community, the possibilities are endless. In fact, a Marian student recently earned an international fellowship to continue his research on E. coli.

The Results
Graduates of Marian’s biology program really do find a world of opportunities waiting for them. For many, their path is graduate school, so during their time at Marian they couple their biology major with another major or minor in the sciences, or engage in a pre-professional curriculum. Whether graduate school is in your future or not, the biology program offers outstanding theoretical and practical preparation for careers in medicine, veterinary medicine, optometry, allied health, research, environmental conservation and teaching—many of which are expected to see exceptional job growth through the year 2020, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

The Marian Difference
A key benefit to studying biology at Marian is the true liberal arts core we provide in our academic setting. Think about it. Studying the sciences at a school that is focused on the sciences and scientific research delivers a fairly one-dimensional learning experience. At Marian, you’ll immerse yourself in the theory and practical application of biological principles, while at the same time enhancing your education with exploration of the arts, humanities and social sciences. You’ll see how these areas of inquiry really do interconnect in the real world. And you’ll see how they’re also impacted by things like social justice and service to a greater cause, which are pursuits that have always been a part of Marian’s founding mission.

D. Mudd
Hands-on experiences are key to finding success, especially after graduation. Click here to read about Denny Mudd’s internship experience that inspired his future.

Program Information

General Education Program: 46-49 credits of University requirements

Additional requirements
16 credits:
CHE 101 Principles of Chemistry I, 4 cr.
CHE 102 Principles of Chemistry II, 4 cr.
CHE 201 Organic Chemistry I - Lecture, 3 cr.
CHE 202 Organic Chemistry II - Lecture, 3 cr.
CHE 251 Organic Chemistry I - Laboratory, 1 cr.
CHE 252 Organic Chemistry II - Laboratory, 1 cr.

Biology courses
28 credits:
BIO 010 Biology Seminar I, 0 cr.
BIO 020 Biology Seminar II, 0 cr.
BIO 101 Biological Principles I & Lab, 4 cr.
BIO 102 Biological Principles II & Lab, 4 cr.
BIO 231 Botany & Lab, 4 cr.
BIO 300 Biology Literature and Seminar, 2 cr.
BIO 301 Genetics & Lab, 4 cr.
BIO 302 Cell and Molecular Biology, 4 cr.
BIO 311 Molecular and Physiological Microbiology, 4 cr.
BIO 425 Biology Senior Research I, 1 cr.
BIO 426 Biology Senior Research II, 1 cr.

4-8 credits from the following:
BIO 201 Anatomy and Physiology I, 4 cr.
BIO 202 Anatomy and Physiology II, 4 cr.
BIO 310 Invertebrate Zoology & Lab, 4 cr.
BIO 312 Developmental Biology & Lab, 4 cr.
BIO 322 Vertebrate Zoology & Lab, 4 cr.

2-6 credits:
Biology electives

For more details regarding this program, view Marian’s Academic Bulletin.

K. Warner

Kris Warner is a 2012 graduate of the biology program. Click here to read about how his Marian experience has inspired him to follow his passion.

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