District of Columbia State Authorization Status

Marian University is currently authorized to offer courses and degrees to residents of District of Columbia

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Date of Communication Supporting Documentation Notes
SHEEO state authorization survey website District of Columbia SHEEO Survey This links to the most current version of the District of Columbia SHEEO survey.
May 27, 2014
Received letter from Dorothy Thomas
Letter from Dorothy Thomas Authorized - No Further Action Required
The Education Licensure Commision (ELC) has determine licensure not required at this time.
May 9, 2014
Mailed exemption review packet to Dorothy Thomas to determine exemption
Exemption review packet State Authorization Requirements
The DC Education Licensure Commission (ELC) is the authority responsible for the oversight of all post-secondary institutions in the District of Columbia. The Commission determines whether an entity does or does not require licensure and approves, denies or exempts applicants.

Please provide the following information to the Education Licensure Commission so that a determination can be made regarding your institutional offerings to DC residents:

  1. Name and address of your institution
  2. Name, telephone number and email address for an institutional contact person
  3. Mode of program delivery (video/audio conferencing, DVD, internet, etc.)
  4. Copies of state licenses
  5. Name of accreditation organization
  6. List of courses, degrees or certification that will be offered online
  7. Whether or not DC residents are currently enrolled in your programs
  8. Copy of current, printed catalog
  9. Narrative on how your programs are advertised
  10. If your institution has representatives to recruit students, list the names of the representatives and the state they are licensed in. 
Send the above information to the attention of Ms. Dorothy Thomas to the address in the footer of the Notice Regarding Distance/Online Education Programs or via email at dorothy.thomas@dc.gov. Please allow at least sixty (60) days for a response from the Education Licensure Commission. 
April 7, 2014
Email sent to Robin Jenkins to verify state authorization requirements
Initial inquiry email for District of Columbia  
October 2011
Survey conducted by SHEEO
District of Columbia SHEEO Inventory State Higher Education Executive Officers Association (SHEEO) conducted a survey of all states to help identify state requirements, contact persons, and other helpful information regarding state authorization.  (no updates since October 2011)

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