Colorado State Authorization Status

Marian University is currently authorized to offer courses and degrees to residents of Colorado

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Date of Communication Supporting Documentation Notes
May 8, 2014   Authorized - No Further Action Required
Marian University does not have a physical presence in Colorado, therefore no authorization is required at this time.
May 8, 2014
Email received from Emily Lloyd with physical presence letter from Heather DeLange.
Email from Emily Lloyd 

Letter from Heather DeLange
State Authorization Requirements
Under current policy, institutions of higher education must have a physical presence in the state to meet the criteria for authorization.  Pursuant to the Colorado Commission on Higher Education’s policy regarding state authorization, the definition of physical presence under this policy reads:

3.16 “Physical presence”

a. Establishing a physical location in a state for students to receive synchronous or asynchronous instruction; or

b. Requiring students to physically meet in a location in the state for instructional purposes as required for the course; or

c. Establishing an administrative office in the state, including:

1. Maintaining an administrative office in the state for purposes of providing information to prospective students or the general public about the institution, enrolling students, or providing services to enrolled students;

2. Providing office space to instructional or non-instructional staff; or

3. Establishing an institutional address or phone number in the state.

May 8, 2014
Called Heather DeLange and spoke with Emily Llyod.  Followed up call with email to Emily.
Follow-up email to Emily Lloyd  
April 7, 2014
Email sent to Heather DeLange to verify state authorization requirements.
Initial inquiry email for Colorado  
May 2013
Survey conducted by SHEEO
Colorado SHEEO Inventory State Higher Education Executive Officers Association (SHEEO) conducted a survey of all states to help identify state requirements, contact persons, and other helpful information regarding state authorization.
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