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Curriculum and Instruction Leadership

The doctoral program area of emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction prepares graduates to take informed, reflective and active leadership roles in studying and transforming learning and education in the broadest sense, as well as improving schools and schooling through the development of high quality teacher education programs. Students in this area of emphasis investigate the relationship between theory and educational practice, as well as the relationship between education and the contours of society and cultures in which schools are located. The program focuses on issues that transcend the various areas of educational inquiry as they impact upon the design, implementation and evaluation of a broad range of educational programs.

This degree is designed for educators who wish to prepare to become curriculum specialists, coordinators, or supervisors in public or private school systems, and for those preparing to teach at the college or university level in a teacher preparation area.

Ph.D. Program Mission
The mission of the Ph.D. program is to prepare candidates for leadership positions in public and private settings by providing opportunities to study and apply theories, standards and practices in leadership.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Gain substantive knowledge of the field
  2. Think theoretically and critically
  3. Frame fruitful ideas and dialogue on course materials
  4. See research as socially situated
  5. Design research: join research problems to appropriate methods of inquiry
  6. Collect and analyze data
  7. Communicate with various audiences about research

Leadership core
9 credits:
EDL 811 Art and Practice of Leading, 3 cr.
EDL 812 Leadership and Ethics, 3 cr.
EDL 813 Leadership Foundations, 3 cr.

Research methods
12 credits:
EDL 810 The Research Endeavor, 3 cr.
EDL 900 Foundations of Research, 3 cr.
EDL 901 Qualitative Research, 3 cr.
EDL 902 Quantitative Research, 3 cr.

15 credits minimum:
EDL 903 Dissertation Research Seminar, 3-6 cr.
EDL 920 Dissertation, 12 cr.

Curriculum and instruction leadership courses
24 credits:
EDL 853 Organizational Culture, 3 cr.
EDL 856 Advanced Program Planning and Evaluation, 3 cr.
EDL 857 Curriculum and Leadership, 3 cr.
EDL 860 Advanced Curriculum Theory and Practice, 3 cr.
EDL 861 Instructional Leadership: Theory and Practice, 3 cr.
EDL 862 Teacher Education and Development, 3 cr.
EDL 863 Sociocultural Concerns in Education and Leadership, 3 cr.
EDL 864 Philosophical Concerns in Education and Leadership, 3 cr.

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