Center for Academic Support & Excellence (CASE)

Inspiring students in all academic areas, the Center for Academic Support & Excellence (CASE) is committed to facilitating student development and academic achievement by providing a variety of quality academic services and resources in a student-centered environment. CASE actively promotes campus partnerships and supportive networking to empower students to develop skills and enhances their ability to play a positive role in society.

Learning & Writing Center

Inspired to assist students in their coursework, the Marian University Learning & Writing Center focuses on helping students gain the confidence and skills necessary to successfully complete coursework. The Learning & Writing Center provides trained, qualified professional staff and upperclassmen tutors to assist students in improving skills in a given subject area, including science, mathematics, reading and writing, as well as improving study skills. The Learning & Writing Center also offers services for students who speak English as a second language, and offers a variety of software applications and materials for students preparing for exams.

Marian University provides free tutoring to all students at the Learning & Writing Center.

Math Academic Services

Inspired by logic and numbers, Marian University's Learning Center offers special assistance for students struggling in the mathematics coursework. Students wanting to build their math skills or needing help with their core math courses can receive one-on-one help from the math specialist or an upperclassmen tutor. Supporting student success through personal help, students can also utilize the various computer and software resources available.

Reading/Writing Academic Services

Inspired to promote learning, Marian University's Learning & Writing Center also offers students in need of assistance in the areas of reading and understanding college texts. The Learning & Writing Center reading specialist provides software applications and materials that serves both the individual student and small groups to enhance their reading and study skills in an effort to promote effective learning strategies.

Science Academic Services

Whether you are majoring in one of Marian's science fields or fulfilling your core requirements, students in need of additional assistance with their science coursework can receive one-on-one help from the science specialist, an upperclassmen tutor or take part in a study group. Striving to achieve personal and course goals, students can also utilize the variety of computer and software resources available to find success in their science courses.

Writing Services

Inspiring students throughout all subject areas, the Marian University Learning & Writing Center offers personalized assistance with writing assignments through the writing services area. The Learning & Writing Center assists in providing editing and proofreading suggestions according to Standard English guidlines, as well as give added direction in research technique and citing others' work in both the American Psychology Association (APA) and Modern Language Association (MLA) citation formats. In addition, students who speak English as a second language may visit the ELL/ESL Writing Specialist to receive assistance with their coursework.


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