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Program Information

General Education Program: 46-49 credits University requirements. Major satisfies natural sciences and mathematics common core and elective core requirements, laboratory science common core requirement, social science elective core requirement, and applied liberal arts elective core requirement.

Other requirements
The forensic science major requires completion of a concurrent minor in chemistry, including CHE 201, CHE 251, CHE 202, CHE 252, and CHE 302.

Progression policy
Forensic science majors must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 beginning with entry to sophomore year and continuing through the first semester of senior year. Progression will be based on fall and spring ending cumulative GPAs only.

Transfer students must complete one-half of their major and one-third of their minor credits at Marian University.

58-63 credits as follows:
50- 52 credits:
BIO 101 Biological Principles I, 4 cr.
BIO 102 Biological Principles II, 4 cr.
BIO 301 Genetics & Lab, 4 cr.
CRJ 101 Intro to Criminal Justice System, 3 cr.
CRJ 302 Criminal Procedures, 3 cr.
CRJ 340 Principles of Judicial Practice, 3 cr.
FOS 105 Survey of Forensic Sciences, 1 cr.
FOS 300 Forensic Photography, 3 cr.
FOS 350 Forensic Photography Lab., 1 cr.
FOS 304 Rules of Evidence, 3 cr.
FOS 305 Crime Scene Investigation, 3 cr.
FOS 355 Crime Scene Investigation Lab., 1 cr.
FOS 405 Forensic Sciences, 3 cr.
FOS 455 Forensic Sciences Lab., 1 cr.
FOS 412 Forensic Science Literature and Seminar, 2 cr.
FOS 497 Internship, 1-3 cr.
PHS 203 University Physics I, 5 cr.
PHS 205 University Physics II, 5 cr.

3-4 credits:
MAT 122 Introduction to Probability and Statistics, 4 cr.
MAT 304 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics I, 3 cr.


Fun Fact

Average cost of tuition at Marian is $24,300, whereas the national average is $33,716 (Source: Marian University Office of Institutional Research, June 2014; National Center for Education Statistics, http://nces.ed.gov/fastfacts/display.asp?id=76).

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