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Educational Technology

The Master of Arts in Education degree in the Department of Educational Technology focuses on the use of technology to support teaching and improve learning. This innovative program gives teachers the skills necessary to transform their curriculum for the 21st century through the integration technology and participatory learning.

Graduate students in the program examine current educational theory and practice, and explore a variety of viewpoints to reflectively develop their professional competence and teaching style. They explore social issues affecting students and expand their awareness of and respect for the unique development of each student. This program builds on the belief that teachers and students should be actively involved in their learning and they should have authentic audiences for their work. The use of innovative technology and many Web 2.0 applications are explored that support this type of teaching and learning.

During their course work, graduate students consider effective collaboration with and accountability to students, parents, colleagues and the community. Reexamining the development of the values and professional ethics in the age of technology, students gain greater intellectual and ethical insight. Students assess themselves on established professional teaching and technology standards, and develop professional growth plans.

Degree requirements

To receive the Master of Arts in Education degree with an Educational Technology emphasis, candidates must meet the following criteria:

-Completion of the coursework or its equivalent with a minimum GPA of 3.00 (on a 4.00 scale)

-Grades below C are not counted toward meeting degree require

-Successful completion of all three program gates

-Submit an application for degree completion

30 credits:

EDT 650 Foundations of Educational Technology, 3 cr.

EDT 652 Innovations in Education, 3 cr.

EDT 654 Educational Telecommunications, 3 cr.

EDT 655 Developing Grant Proposals Integrating Technology, 3 cr.

EDT 658 Teaching and Learning with Multimedia, 3 cr.

EDT 661 Educational Hardware and Systems Support, 3 cr.

EDT 672 Teaching and Learning Online, 3 cr.

EDT 674 Learning with Technology: Effective Strategies, 3 cr.

EDT 670 Mobile Learning, 3 cr.

EDT 680 Technology and Leadership In the Information Age, 3 cr.

13 to 1 Ratio

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Marian has a Student-to-Faculty ratio of 12:1.

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