Tim Tam Slammin’ and Wednesday by the Water

Tim Tam SlamWhile studying in Australia, I really am interested in the small differences in everyday life. As I have mentioned before, the classic foods here include Vegemite (I still haven't tried this), Kangaroo (I tried it, I thought it was fairly mediocre) and Tim Tams. I learned this week that Tim Tams could be eaten in such a special way, which brings this already delicious snack, to the next level. This is the Tim Tam Slam.

This is how one Tim Tam Slams. First, buy yourself a package (or 7) of Tim Tams. Now, make yourself a nice hot beverage, such as hot chocolate, coffee or tea, or, my personal favorite, pour yourself a nice cold glass of milk. Then, remove one cookie and bite off opposite corners (see photo). After this, proceed to use the chocolate biscuit as a straw and suck the liquid up through the Tim Tam. The cookie then absorbs the beverage perfectly and starts to melt, and quickly thereafter, you eat the snack. It's seriously a 10/10.

Now unfortunately, I cannot and should not eat only Tim Tams while Down Under, so a great way to get some free food on campus every week is by attending the "Wednesday by the Water" events. This gives students a chance to take a break from eating in the Brasserie or Café Bond, and to get some BBQ food. As I have learned while being here, BBQ food here is a little different than back home. If there is a barbeque on campus, you are never quite sure what you will get, but you know that you will be outside. So basically BBQ = you will eat outside.

Wednesday by the waterNow since I have successfully talked about food this whole blog post, I figure I can talk about what will be happening this weekend. Today, I, along with four other people, rented a car for this weekend. We will be heading up to the Hinterlands, a rainforest-like environment in the mountains, about 50 minutes northwest of Bond. We are very excited to drive on the left side of the road and get out into the "wilderness." We plan to hike a few trails and maybe visit some glowworm caves. Stay tuned for an update and a pretty picture next week.



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