Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and Heavy Workload

KoalaAustralia is filled with wildlife, and this past weekend Katie (also from Marian) and I finally found our way to a sanctuary. Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary takes about 45 minutes via the city bus straight from Bond. Currumbin is home to crazy amounts of Australian favourites like the dingo, kangaroo and koala, and also featured heaps of different species of birds, lizards, fish and snakes. We had the opportunity to pay a fee to hold a koala, but decided against it until a later date. No worries, I will be holding a koala at some point while I'm here…Spoons

KangarooThe following day was a bit more relaxed. I finished up some schoolwork throughout the day, and after dinner, I decided to represent the USA in a game of spoons (if you don't know what the game "spoons" is, Google it…it's a bit tricky to understand). I was the only American up against a roomful of Aussies and Kiwis. After more than 25 rounds, I managed to lose only 1 round. And of course, we were using Vegemite playing cards. I'm not sure if a game of cards can get more Australian than that.

On the academic side of things, the workload has increased exponentially. I've gone from about five readings per week, reading reports, and a weekly photo for my photography class, to having an essay and debate in two weeks, and an annotated bibliography due the week after. I mean, there's not anything that I can't handle, but the work is definitely on it's way.

Also, I have finalized my trip to Sydney for next week (Oct. 10-13), which makes the homework have to be done even quicker. Not much of a chance for procrastination here. This blog post may actually be my last chance to procrastinate…



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