Back From Sydney; Off to Byron Bay

SnailThis past week, I explored the absolutely amazing city of Sydney! Getting there was relatively easy, with just a one-hour bus ride to the Gold Coast Airport, and then about another hour in the sky. We then took a shuttle bus to get to our hostel (Base Sydney) where the bus driver was rocking out to soft rock on the radio, and was very proud that he could afford to have the A/C turned on for us.

We arrived at our hostel in the evening, put our bags away, took a moment to relax, and then headed out to Darling Harbour. It was about a 5-10 minute walk from our hostel, and was filled with small public artworks and parks. One in particular, Tumbalong Park, featured plenty of fountains, swings and (dangerous) jungle-gym like structures. Of course, I proceeded to climb to the top of this and quickly realized I was about 25 feet off the ground…it was quite a good view of the harbour to be honest.

The next day, we went to tour the famous Sydney Opera House. The structure was breathtaking and a sight to see. The architectural and engineering feat was unbelievable. Fun fact: The Sydney Opera House is celebrating its 40 th birthday this year. It is so much newer than I thought!

Opera HouseAfter the crazy cool Opera House, we went on a jet boat ride in Sydney Harbour (and surrounding harbours). This was a highlight of the trip. It was like a 30 minute long water coaster, with music blasting and water spraying! Plus, we got to wear really cool ponchos.

GiraffeLater on, we took a ferry to the Taronga Zoo. This zoo is quite famous in Australia and is known as the best zoo in Sydney. They didn't just specialize in Australian animals like the kangaroo and koala, but instead had creatures from all over the world. The animals included tigers, chimpanzees, meerkats, sea lions, and my personal favorite, the giraffe. (I felt a connection when I took this photo of him yelling at me.)

The next day consisted of more sightseeing in Darling Harbour, where we saw the Sydney Aquarium and Wild Life Sydney (right on the water). There was a Latin American festival going on in the harbor, so there was a bit of a fiesta happening all over.

Sydney was an art-filled city, with many public art projects going on everywhere you turned. Whether it be banners with the depictions of people walking (like the green lights that tell you when to walk across the street), or giant, brightly colored snails on random street corners (I don't remember what these represented, but they were still cool). Also, Hyde Park was home to some very nice photos that had won some sort of competition and were on display for all to see.

This week at Bond has been jam-packed with the joys of studying and writing essays. In the coming weeks, the pressure will be lifted a bit, which will give way to a more relaxing atmosphere. I'm looking forward to that.

This weekend, I will be heading out to Byron Bay to enjoy a nice weekend on the beach with friends, maybe a trip to the mountains, and hang gliding! I'm so excited, and can't wait!

Until next time,


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