32 Days

My amazing experience abroad in Australia is slowly coming to an end. With just over 30 days left until I depart, I have plenty left to see. This being said, I have already seen so much, met so many wonderful people and sufficiently explored these incredible lands. It’s very hard to compare my study abroad experience with someone else. You instinctively want to compare your experience based on what everyone is doing, where they are going, and where they can afford to go. It’s most important to make sure that you are happy with what you can do! And I know that I am happy with what I’m doing and what I’ve done.

SunsetBefore I go into how excited I am for upcoming trips, I should talk about school. Study. Study. Study. It’s end of the year project time. I have essays or projects for every class I am enrolled in due in the next two or three weeks. Sadly, last week was not used to get a major head start on this work, and was instead used to hang out with some friends and celebrate some friends’ birthdays. I also got the opportunity to relax on campus for a while, which was a nice and well-needed break. I also went on a bit of an exploration in the neighboring areas and saw this cool sunset! And since I barely have any work to do (sarcastic voice), I am heading up the Cairns this weekend!

Cairns. Pronounced “cans”. This weekend, Katie, Kendall (St. Norbert’s College student) and I will be white water rafting and scuba diving! I will get to dive for the first time ever at The Great Barrier Reef! I hope I can handle it! I am extremely excited about this trip, and I’ve heard it’s one of the best in Australia. Another rumor is that the sun is extremely intense there, so I hope that I don’t get too burnt and come back to Bond looking like a lobster. I hope all goes well.



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