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Marian University Alumni Association
As a member of the alumni association, it is our vision to promote the mission statement and core values of
 University to our communities. 

To have a vibrant alumni association we need the involvement of alumni on various planning and event committees.
Your commitment will last for only a few meetings and will take just a few hours of your time.
Please select all the areas in which you are interestedYour help is needed and appreciated.

Feel free to contact Mary Endries, Director of Alumni & Parent Relations with questions at MEndries@marianuniversity.edu or 1-800-2-MARIAN ext. 8937.





Fun Fact

Dorcas Chapel was built in 1966 and named for the seamstress Dorcas who shared her talents with Saint Paul. The chapel was designed to look like a sewing basket with the cross on top portraying a needle (Source: Marian University Archives).

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