Exploring spiritual traditions.

You’re interested in the area of theology, a centuries-old conversation that continues to shape and inform our twenty-first century lives, and your spiritual beliefs are at the core of who you are. Marian’s theology program allows you to study and learn about Christian and other faith traditions, and provides critical knowledge and skills needed to appreciate, understand and dialogue with your own and others’ religious beliefs.

The Program
Through Marian’s theology program, you’ll examine and explore various religious traditions, theological perspectives and spiritual practices. In the process of your academic study you’ll gain an opportunity to develop your personal spirituality, beliefs and convictions through compassionate service and/or religious practice.

The Possibilities
As a student in the theology program, you’ll receive personal, one-on-one support from seasoned faculty who are open to diverse religious perspectives and eager to lead you to your full potential and career goals. By bridging your classroom knowledge to the practical field experience of a quality internship, meaningful service work in the community or presentation of a paper at a theology conference, you will be granted the training and skills you need to enter the workforce or a graduate school program.

The Results
Students who graduate from Marian’s theology program may decide to become a theology teacher, campus minister, pastoral counselor, youth minister, religious educator, religious media specialist or seminarian. The personal attention and academic training received in the theology program also provide a strong foundation for graduate and professional school. Several recent graduates have paired a theology degree with another major or minor to create exceptionally strong and successful applications for graduate school.

The Marian Difference
Students in the theology program receive individualized attention, quality mentoring and a broad-reaching curriculum that rivals the course selection of much larger universities. Faculty members work closely with you to understand your professional goals, select the best options for coursework and locate practical hands-on experiences that will lead to future success. Because the world will always need educated men and women committed to lives of service and social justice, the importance and relevance of studying theology will never end.

Program Information

General Education Program: 46-49 credits of University requirements, including THE 101.

Foreign language requirement
12 credits or equivalent:
Language requirement for Bachelor of Arts degree

Theology core
18 credits:
THE 210 Understanding the Scriptures, 3 cr.
THE 216 History in Theology, 3 cr.
THE 327 Vatican II, 3 cr.
THE 333 Theological Investigations I, 3 cr.
THE 334 Theological Investigations II, 3 cr.
THE 495 Senior Seminar, 3 cr.

6 credits from the following:
EDR 380 Jewish-Christian Relations, 3 cr.
THE 205 Peacemaking: Multicultural, Interfaith Dimensions, 3 cr.
THE 340 Moral Theology, 3 cr.
THE 345 Catholic Social Teaching, 3 cr.

9 credits:
THE Theology electives (must be at the 200 level or above)

Students must complete one of the following tracks:

Double major track
This track allows students to major in theology alongside another program of study. The number of credits is dependent upon the second major.

Ministry track
18 credits:
THE 230 Introduction to Pastoral Ministry, 3 cr.
THE 360 Faith Development, 3 cr.
THE 365 Child and Youth Ministry, 3 cr.
THE 366 Adult and Family Ministry, 3 cr.
THE 370 Worship and Service, 3 cr.
THE 497 Pastoral Leadership/Ministry Internship, 1-3 cr.

Pre-graduate studies track
18 credits:
PHI 308 Philosophy of Religion, 3 cr.
THE 303 Topics in Biblical Theology, 3 cr.
THE 307 Topics in the History of Theology, 3 cr.
THE 426 Theology of the Human Person, 3 cr.
THE 450 Theological Research, 3 cr.
THE Theology elective (must be at the 200 level or above), 3 cr.

Religious education track
18 credits:
EDR 231 Introduction to Religious Education, 3 cr.
EDR 332 Interreligious and Interfaith Dialogue, 3 cr.
EDR 380 Jewish-Christian Relations, 3 cr.
EDR 385 Curriculum, Methods, and Theories of Religious Education, 3 cr.
EDR 497 Religious Education Internship, 1-3 cr.
THE 360 Faith Development, 3 cr.

For more details regarding this program, view Marian’s Academic Bulletin.

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Theology majors must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in all theology courses.

Fun Fact

Classes for various programs are offered in Appleton, Green Bay, Plymouth, Madison, Watertown, Wausau, and West Allis. (Source: Academic Bulletin, 2013-2014).

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