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Middle–Secondary Education (Grades 5–12)

The Marian University major in Middle–Secondary Education prepares students for teaching in the middle and secondary schools and leads to a Bachelor of Science degree. The program develops in students an awareness of the developing human person, the ability to assess learning, and the application of age-appropriate curriculum and teaching methods. Students will graduate prepared for certification and licensure in the state of Wisconsin.

A Middle-Secondary Education major can select to major in: Biology, Broad Field Science, Broad Field Social Studies, Chemistry, English or Mathematics.

Licensure: Early Adolescence-Adolescence Education ages 10-21 (grades 5-12)

General Education Program: 46-49 credits University requirements, including Art elective; BIO 100 and BIO 150, or BIO 104 or BIO 114; CHE 101 or CHE 103 or PHS 102 or PHS 108, or PHS 110 or PHS 203 or PHS 211; HIS 101; PSY 105; EDU 202; COM 101 or COM 232; Music Elective, 3 cr. (see selections in Liberal Arts Core Curriculum)

See content area major for course requirements.

Other requirements
6 credits:
POS 205 American Government, 3 cr.
HIS 102 or HIS 111 or HIS 112, 3 cr.

Middle-secondary education courses
41 credits as follows:
26 credits:
EDU 010 Field Experience One, ½ cr.
EDU 020 Field Experience Two, ½ cr.
EDU 030 Field Experience Three, ½ cr.
EDU 040 Field Experience Four, ½ cr.
EDU 100 Introduction to Education, 1 cr.
EDU 200 Technology in Education, 3 cr.
EDU 202 Psychology of Learning, 3 cr.
EDU 210 Classroom Management, 2 cr.
EDU 213 Introduction to Exceptional Education, 3 cr.
EDU 301 Intercultural Studies for Educators, 3 cr.
EDU 412 Educational Measurement and Assessment, 3 cr.
SEC 305 Adolescent Literacy, 3 cr.
SEC 322 Curriculum and Instruction in the Middle and Secondary School, 3 cr.

12 credits:
SEC 450 Clinical Practice and Seminar - Secondary-Grades 9-12, 1-12 cr.
SEC 455 Clinical Practice and Seminar - Middle Level Grades 5-8, 1-6 cr.

3 credits from the following:
FLE 470 Foreign Language Curriculum and Methods: Elementary, Middle, and Secondary School Levels, 3 cr.
SEC 410 English/Language Arts Curriculum and Methods, 3 cr.
SEC 420 Social Studies Curriculum and Methods, 3 cr.
SEC 430 Science Curriculum and Methods, 3 cr.
SEC 440 Mathematics Curriculum and Methods, 3 cr.

Majors leading to licensure: biology, broad field science, broad field social studies, chemistry, English, and mathematics.

96 Percent

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96% of Marian students participate in educationally driven internships and research in their majors, giving them experience that can be applied after graduation.

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