Exploring the past that inspires our future.

You’re inspired to explore the world throughout time. You’re interested in learning about the history of your own culture and those of other people. You enjoy analyzing how the present day is influenced by the past. That’s why you want to earn a degree in Marian’s history program.

Program Information

Marian University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission .


The Marian University History Program seeks the to promote history as a vocation, chronological and geographical thinking as well as historical comprehension, analysis, interpretation, and research, effective communication and critical thinking, and understanding of global perspectives and spiritual traditions.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify, analyze, and use primary, secondary, and tertiary sources.
  • Analyze issues and events from multiple perspectives.
  • Achieve content mastery in World, American, and European history.
  • Compare and contrast ideas, societies, events, individual actions, philosophies, beliefs and spiritual traditions across cultures and time.
  • Employ historical logic and historical evidence in written arguments.
  • Identify historical injustices and explore possible alternatives.
  • Analyze strengths and weaknesses of historiographical arguments.
  • Organize, plan, and conduct research

The Program
Marian University’s history program uses innovative teaching strategies while providing you with a well-balanced focus on the United States and Europe, as well as non-Western areas such as Africa and Asia. You’ll also explore American Indian, Latin American and women’s history, as well as the history of American minorities.

General Education Program: 46–49 University requirements. HIS 101 and HIS 102 are included in the major program.

46 credits as follows:
19 credits:

HIS 101 World Civilizations I, 3 cr.
HIS 102 World Civilizations II, 3 cr.
HIS 111 History of the United States to 1877, 3 cr.
HIS 112 History of the United States from 1877, 3 cr.
HIS 214 History of Wisconsin, 3 cr.
HIS 395 History Capstone I, 2 cr.
HIS 495 History Capstone II, 2 cr.

6 credits from the following:
HIS 301 Church History to Reformation, 3 cr.
HIS 302 Church History since the Reformation, 3 cr.
HIS 303 History of England, 3 cr.
HIS 410 19th Century Europe, 3 cr.
HIS 422 20th Century Europe, 3 cr.
HIS 440 Controversies in European History, 3 cr.
HIS 450 Seminar in European History, 3 cr.

6 credits from the following:
HIS 314 American Constitutional Development, 3 cr.
HIS 309 Public History, 3 cr.
HIS 408 History of American Foreign Policy, 3 cr.
HIS 415 Recent American History, 3 cr.
HIS 416 History/Culture of American Indians, 3 cr.
HIS 425 The Civil War Era 1850—1877, 3 cr.
HIS 436 Controversies in American History, 3 cr.
HIS 490 Seminar in American History, 3 cr.

6 credits from the following:
HIS 342 Topics in Ancient History, 3 cr.
HIS 405 History of the Modern Middle East, 3 cr.
HIS 423 History of Latin America, 3 cr.
HIS 426 History of Africa, 3 cr.
HIS 431 History of Monsoon Asia, 3 cr.
HIS 438 Controversies in World History, 3 cr.
HIS 492 Seminar in World History, 3 cr.

For Careers in Public History:
To pursue jobs at museums and other historical attractions and organizations, students should take HIS 309-Public History and complete a minor in one of the following areas: Business Administration, Marketing, Management, Information Technology, Leadership, Public Relations, or Communications.

25-31 credits:
University electives – depending upon history strand

For more details regarding this program, view Marian’s Academic Bulletin.

As part of the history program, you will find personal, one-on-one support from faculty who are eager to share their knowledge and passion for history. In addition to challenging coursework, you’ll engage in internship experiences, as well as research in an area of historical interest to you.

For more information, please contact:

Office of Admission

Mary Gross, Ph.D.
Associate Professor & Chair
History Department

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At Marian University, you’ll find committed faculty and staff aiming to help you reach your highest potential. Through an applied learning approach, you’ll find Marian’s history program prepares you to share your passion for history in graduate school or employment in the field.

Admission to university per university standards. For more details regarding this, view Marian's Academic Bulletin.

Graduates of the history program stay one step ahead of the competition, and are equipped with the essential skills that ensure success in the working world. A history degree from Marian University prepares you for a variety of career possibilities including those in advocacy, business, education, law, publishing and research. Recent graduates have found success in many positions, including as small business owners, managers for Wisconsin-based and nationwide companies, physicians assistants, middle and high school teachers, legislative aids, librarians and program directors for museums, arts centers and community centers.

97.8% of graduates between 2006 and 2014 were employed or entered graduate school within 6 months according to a survey completed by the History Program in Spring 2015. 100% of our students score at or above satisfactory standards for the learning outcomes above in their senior capstone projects.

Jenkins, John

J.J. Jenkins is a 2011 graduate of Marian's history program. Read about how his research is inspiring the local community.

Mary Gross

Mary Gross, Ph.D.
Associate Professor & Chair
History Department

Matt Szromba

Matthew Szromba, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
History Department

Boelhower, Patricia

Pat Boelhower, M.A.
Part-time per Course Faculty
History Department

Scott, Marie

Sr. Marie Scott, M.A.
Part-time per Course Faculty
History Department

Gayle Kiszely, M.A.
Part-time per Course Faculty
History Department

Tracey Marx, M.A.
Part-time per Course Faculty & AGS Coordinator
History Department

Charles Lester, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
History Department

11 to 1 ratio

Did You Know?

Marian has a Student-to-Faculty ratio of 11:1 (Source: Marian University Office of Institutional Research, June 2014).

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