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Broad Field Social Studies Education

Built on your passion for history and social studies, the Broad Field Social Studies Education Program is a combination of social sciences, history, government, economics, geography, international studies and sociology. Graduates are licensed by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction to teach history and other social studies courses at the junior high or secondary level, up through grade 10, and any basic social studies class in grades 11-12. Besides entering the education field, graduates have gone on to graduate or law school or worked in government, corrections, the military and social work.

General Education Program: 46-49 University requirements, including HIS 101 and HIS 102 and BIO 104, are included in the major program.

Other requirements
The middle-secondary education major is required for teaching certification. ECO 201 and BIO 104 meet legislative requirements in environmental science and consumer cooperatives.

55 credits as follows:
18 credits:
HIS 101 World Civilizations I, 3 cr.
HIS 102 World Civilizations II, 3 cr.
HIS 111 History of the United States to 1877, 3 cr.
HIS 112 History of the United States from 1877, 3 cr.
HIS 214 History of Wisconsin, 3 cr.
HIS 378 Historical Materials, 1 cr.
HIS 379 Historiography, 1 cr.
HIS 479 Senior Paper, 1 cr.

6 credits from the following:
HIS 301 Church History to Reformation, 3 cr.
HIS 302 Church History since the Reformation, 3 cr.
HIS 303 History of England, 3 cr.
HIS 410 19 th Century Europe, 3 cr.
HIS 422 20 th Century Europe, 3 cr.

6 credits from the following:
HIS 314 American Constitutional Development, 3 cr.
HIS 408 History of American Foreign Policy, 3 cr.
HIS 415 History of the Recent U.S., 3 cr.
HIS 416 History/Culture of American Indians, 3 cr.
HIS 425 The Civil War Era 1850-1877, 3 cr.
HIS 436 Controversies in American History, 3 cr.
HIS 490 Seminar in American History, 3 cr.

6 credits from the following:
HIS 342 Topics in Ancient History, 3 cr.
HIS 405 History of the Modern Middle East, 3 cr.
HIS 423 History of Latin America, 3 cr.
HIS 426 History of Africa, 3 cr.
HIS 431 History of Monsoon Asia, 3 cr.
HIS 438 Controversies in World History, 3 cr.
HIS 492 Seminar in World History, 3 cr.

Other credits required for teacher licensure
13 credits:
BIO 104 Environmental Science & Lab, 4 cr.
ECO 201 Macroeconomics, 3 cr.
ECO 202 Microeconomics , 3 cr.
GEO 201 World Regional Geography, 3 cr.

6 credits from the following:
PSY 202 Social Psychology, 3 cr.
PSY 211 Abnormal Psychology, 3 cr.
PSY 341 Cognitive Psychology, 3 cr.

38 credits:
Middle-secondary education major


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