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General Education Program: 46-49 credits of University requirements, including School of Nursing and Health Professions Course requirements (48-51 credits): BIO 100; CHE 103; COM 302; MAT 114; PHI 220; PSY 105.

77 credits as follows:
17 credits:
BIO 205 Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology, 5 cr,
BIO 220 Introduction to Medical Terminology,2 cr.
NRS 365 Health Care Informatics, 2 cr.
PHS 211 Elementary Physics, 5 cr.
SWK 422 Law and the Helping Professions, 3 cr.

Program Requirements Once Accepted:

 60 credits:
(two weeks before start of classes)
RAD 301 Fundamentals of Radiologic Science and Health Care, 0 cr.

RAD 311 Patient Care in the Radiologic Sciences (Session I only), 3 cr. (2 theory/1 lab)
RAD 312 Principles of Radiographic Imaging (Session II only), 4 cr.
RAD 313 Radiographic Procedures and Image Analysis I, 8 cr. (6 theory/2 lab)
RAD 314 Radiologic Practicum I, 1 cr.

RAD 321 Radiologic Practicum II, 1 cr.

RAD 331 Principles of Radiation Protection and Biology (Session I only), 3 cr.
RAD 332 Principles of Radiologic Physics (Session II only), 3 cr.
RAD 333 Radiographic Procedures and Image Analysis II, 4 cr. (3 theory/1 lab)
RAD 334 Radiologic Practicum III, 2 cr.

RAD 441 Radiographic Procedures and Image Analysis III, 3 cr. (2 theory/1 lab)
RAD 442 Radiologic Practicum IV, 3 cr.

RAD 451 Principles of Specialized Radiographic Modalities & Pharmacology, 4 cr.
RAD 452 Radiographic Procedures and Image Analysis IV, 6 cr. (5 theory/1 lab)
RAD 453 Radiologic Practicum V, 2 cr.

RAD 461 Radiologic Practicum VI, 1 cr.

RAD 471 Radiologic Pathophysiology (Session I only), 3 cr.
RAD 472 Ethics & Law in Radiologic Sciences (Session I only), 1 cr.
RAD 473 Imaging Equipment & Quality Control (Session I only), 2 cr.
RAD 474 Radiologic Practicum VII (Session I only), 1 cr.
RAD 475 Radiologic Practicum VIII (Session II only), 1 cr.
RAD 476 Senior Capstone (Session II only), 4 cr.


Fun Fact

Marian’s Sadoff Gymnasium is home to the Sabre Athletics, as well as includes newly renovated athletic training room with new training and weight equipment and a golf simulator (Source: Marian University Archives).

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