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Within a faith-based university, Marian University Radiologic Technology Program prepares students at an entry level, to provide radiologic services with an emphasis on quality patient care and technical competency, leading to a degree of Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology. The Radiologic Technology Program provides students practicum experience in advanced imaging modalities that enhances their clinical education and professional opportunities. Originated 5/12; Reviewed 6/13; 6/14, Revised 6/15, 1/16  


The philosophy of the Radiologic Technology Program at Marian University has two primary foci: technical competency and patient care.

The faculty believe that the radiologic technologist utilizes theoretical and clinical knowledge in the performance of procedures resulting in the acquisition of diagnostic quality images, while demonstrating expertise in minimizing the amount of ionizing radiation exposure to patients, themselves and all members that comprise the healthcare team. To provide the highest quality care the radiologic technologist demonstrates the value of lifelong learning to maintain and improve his/her technical skills by participating continuing education along with sharing that knowledge with colleagues.

The faculty believe the radiologic technologist demonstrates ethical conduct and acts in the best interest of the patient without discrimination on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, socioeconomic states, or nature of diseaseor illness, while protecting the rights of the patient to quality radiologic technology care and the respect for dignity of mankind. To provide the highest quality care the radiologic technologist demonstrates responsibility and accountability for obtaining critical patient history through observation and communication with the physician, while respecting the patient's right to privacy. The radiologic technologist also recognizes that interpretation and diagnosis of radiographic images is not part of the Scope of Practice.


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Campus safety patrols campus 24-7 (Source: Student Handbook, 2013-2014).

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