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Business Administration Course Descriptions

General Education Program: 46-49 University Requirements

Business Core Requirements: 

ACC 201   Financial Accounting

3 credits

This course introduces the student to generally accepted accounting principles, basic accounting systems, accounting theory, and financial statements.

ACC 306   Managerial Accounting

3 credits

Prerequisites: ACC 201, MAT 100 or MAT 105 or MAT 111 or MAT 122 or BUA 210 or MAT 130

A continuation of ACC 201 with concentration on corporate financial statements and the basics of managerial cost accounting. Applications provide exposure to analysis and interpretation of accounting data for managerial planning, control, and decision-making.

  BUA 203   Career Preparation

1 credit

A course in résumé writing, interviewing skills, techniques for personal enhancement, and international business etiquette; supplies the student with criteria beyond academics for acceptance into the world of work and future entry-level management positions.

BUA 310   International Business

3 credits

Prerequisite: ECO 201 or 202

This course introduces the student to the economic, political, social, and cultural issues of operating a business in a global economy. An understanding of exchange rate mechanisms, international trade agreements, and international strategies is developed.

BUA 350   Business Law

3 credits

Topics include the American legal system, contracts, property, negotiable instruments, creditors' rights and bankruptcy, agency, business organizations, labor and employment relations, government regulations, and torts.

BUA 402   Strategy and Policy

3 credits

Prerequisite: FIN 300 or 301

(Senior standing, completion all business core courses before taking this course)

A capstone business course that integrates the functional areas of a business with the strategic decision-making process. In a team environment, students are expected to employ the skills and knowledge learned from their academic career in a computer-simulated industry. An analysis of case studies and/or current business articles is used to link academic concepts and theories to real-world situations.

ECO 201  Macroeconomics

3 credits

Prerequisite: MAT 100 or 105 or 111 or 122 or 130 or appropriate math placement test score

An introduction to the overall functioning of an economic system with a view toward understanding the factors underlying income, employment, and prices on the aggregate level. Topics include such monetary and fiscal policies as suggested by the relevant theories discussed.

ECO 202   Microeconomics

3 credits

Prerequisite: MAT 100 or 105 or 111 or 122 or 123 or 130 or appropriate math placement test score

An introduction to the principles underlying the behavior of business firms, resource owners, and consumers within a system of price-making markets. Introduces the theory of value and distribution.

FIN 301   Managerial Finance

3 credits

Prerequisites: ACC 201; ECO 201

An introduction to the environment of financial management, including the analysis of financial statements for planning and control, corporate securities, working capital management, capital budgeting, and financing the short- and long-term requirements of the firm.

MGT 213   Principles of Management

3 credits

Prerequisite: ENG 105 or 230

A systematic analysis of the management process involving an integration of classical, behavioral, and modern contemporary philosophies. The importance of relating the theoretical principles of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling to practical experience is featured.

MKT 201   Principles of Marketing

3 credits

Prerequisite: ENG 105 or 230   or appropriate English placement test score

A general overview of the scope and significance of both domestic and international marketing. The course emphasizes the marketing of consumer and industrial goods and analysis of the marketing mix variables of product, price, promotion, and place. It introduces marketing policies and practices of business firms.

TEC 200   Fundamentals of Information Technology

3 credits

This course introduces information technology systems that support organizational decision-making and problem solving. The course surveys the technical and organizational issues involved in the use and design of information systems and how the application of information technology can enable an organization to improve quality, timeliness, and competitive advantage.

ENG 222   Business Communications

3 credits

An application of contemporary communication theory to practical business situations, and an application of traditional rhetoric and communication theory to oral presentations. Students study communication theory; practice basic forms of business writing; write, deliver, and evaluate public speeches; and explore communication systems in modern corporations.

COM 101   Fundamentals of Communication

3 credits

This course focuses on the exploration of fundamental principles of effective communication. Skilled communication behaviors are developed through the study and practice of interpersonal communication, public speaking, listening, and group dynamics. Practical applications include class discussion, group activities, listening exercises, and individual presentations.

COM 232   Public Speaking

3 credits

A course applying traditional rhetoric and communication theory to oral presentations. Students study, write, deliver, and evaluate public speeches. Emphasis is placed on the students' ability to speak from an outline in a variety of situations including informative speaking, persuasive speaking, and demonstration speaking. All presentations are made in class and videotaped to aid in evaluation.

COM 324   Interpersonal Communication

3 credits

The course examines the basic principles and theories of interpersonal communication. Students study and practice basic principles for effective interpersonal communication. Study includes language, perceptions, values, culture, nonverbal communication, self-concept, and listening and their effects on communication.

BUA 210   Statistical Techniques for Research Data Analysis

3 credits

Prerequisite: MAT 100 or 105 or 111 or 130 or appropriate math placement test score

An interdisciplinary introduction to the basic principles of data analysis with an emphasis on application. Students apply these principles to data analysis in their respective areas of study. The applied focus is on the computerized application of summary statistics, one-/two-/multi-sample tests, linear models, association tests, randomness/normality tests, and probability distributions as used across a variety of community and organizational settings. Other techniques may be added as appropriate for specific disciplines.

MAT 122   Introduction to Probability and Statistics

4 credits

Prerequisite: Appropriate math placement test score or MAT 001 with grade of C or higher

A study of topics including descriptive statistics and data analysis; elementary probability; binomial, hyper geometric, and normal probability models; the central limit theorem; confidence intervals; elementary hypothesis testing; linear regression; and correlation. Students apply these topics to problems arising from the natural sciences, social sciences, health industry, and business environment.  (This course does not fulfill the statistics requirement of mathematics majors and minors.)

Business Administration Major: 

FIN 400   Investments

3 credits

Prerequisites: ACC 201; FIN 300 or 301

This course examines the construction and management of investment portfolios to meet the needs of personal and institutional investors. Students investigate the selection of securities to balance income, risk, and capital growth.

MGT 311   Human Resource Management

3 credits

Prerequisite: MGT 213

A comprehensive study of the personnel management function. Topics include planning, recruiting, testing, selection, training, compensation, policy development, performance appraisal, government regulations, and labor relations.

MGT 420   Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

3 credits

Prerequisite: MGT 213

This course focuses on the activities and problems of the small or family business. Common problems faced by such entities during start-up or in transition states are addressed (i.e. cash flow, family conflict, employee relations, expansion, and capital needs). Hands-on experience is provided through case studies, exercises, projects, and software. This course allows the student to investigate, analyze, and discuss the fundamentals and details specific to developing an effective business plan.

MKT 302   Principles of Advertising

3 credits

Prerequisite: MKT 201

A broad-based view of advertising principles and their application to an organization. Topics include advertising agencies, advertising planning and strategy development, understanding available media alternatives, media planning and buying, creating advertising, and the integration of advertising with other elements of the marketing communications mix (i.e. promotions, public relations, personal selling, and direct marketing).

MKT 318   Personal Selling Skills

3 credits

Prerequisite: MKT 201

A key factor for success in the business world is the ability to sell products, services, personal capabilities, ideas, and/or solutions to problems. This course focuses on understanding and practicing the consultative selling process, including prospecting, preparing, presenting, determining objections, handling objections, and closing a sale. The course consists of learning sales principles and practicing these through role-playing.

MKT 322   Sales Management

3 credits

Prerequisite: MKT 201

A survey of the structure and processes involved in personal selling and in the managerial issues and problems involved in planning and implementing an effective sales-force management program. Topics include the tasks of the sales department and special issues in organizing, recruiting, selecting, training, motivating, compensating, and managing the sales force.

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