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Community health and human services

Community Health and Human Services

Inspiring the health and well-being of the community.

You’re inspired to serve your community. There are individuals and families who are in need of your help and support that only comes from a caring and knowledgeable community health worker. For nearly 80 years, Marian has been educating and training the future professionals who understand the needs of the community and know how to find solutions.

The Program
Inspired to serve, the Community Health and Human Services program at Marian is all about understanding and trust. We empower our students through a hands-on curriculum designed to prepare them to for exciting careers as public health workers that build trusting relationships and offer resources to the greater community. Students in the program participate in one of two concentrations: Thanatology and Social Welfare.

The Possibilities
As a student in the Community Health and Human Services program, you’ll discover a wide range of areas related to the public health field, including outreach, community education, social justice, and advocacy, all of which work to serve the diverse communities across the nation.

The Results
Graduates of the Community Health and Human Services program are prepared to go out and make a real difference in the world. In a field that the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics projects will grow by 21 percent through the year 2022, you’ll be prepared to for employment in a variety of health and human services settings, including housing, children’s services, courts and legal systems, community outreach, and disability services, as well as prepared for graduate study in social work, counseling, thanatology, law, and other disciplines.

The Marian Difference
At Marian University, Community Health and Human Services students are instilled with care and compassion, and are inspired by our founding mission of service and social justice. With our reputation of building quality community relationships, our program offers students a hands-on experience through internship opportunities within local organizations and businesses, many of which may lead to employment following graduation.

Program Information

General Education Program: 46-49 credits of University requirements, including School of Nursing and Health Professions course requirements (48–51 credits): BIO 100; BIO 150; PSY 105; SOC 100; SWK 210.

55 credits: complete the Community Health and Human Services core and one of the two areas of concentration.

Community Health and Human Services Core
31 credits:
CHH 200 Foundations of Social Welfare, 3 cr.
CHH 205 Foundations of Thanatology, 3 cr.
CHH 300 History of Health and Welfare Policy, 3 cr.
CHH 305 Poverty and Community Health, 3 cr.
NRS 325 Health Care Systems, 2 cr.
NRS 365 Health Care Informatics, 2 cr.
POS 205 American Government, 3 cr.
SWK 111 Interpersonal Skills, 3 cr.
SWK 322 Grant Writing, 3 cr.
SWK 352 Research Methods, 3 cr.
SWK 422 Law and the Helping Professions, 3 cr.

6 credits from the following:
PSY 211 Abnormal Psychology, 3 cr.
PSY 301 Drugs and Behavior, 3 cr.
PSY 302 Introduction to Clinical Counseling, 3 cr.
PSY 308 Theories of Personality, 3 cr.
PSY 331 Neuroscience, 3 cr.

Complete one area of concentration below:
Social Welfare concentration
18 credits:
CHH 410 Community Health Theory and Practice, 3 cr.
CHH 411 Aging in the 21st Century, 3 cr.
CHH 495 Community Health and Human Services Capstone, 6 cr.
SWK 301 Human Behavior and the Social Environment, 3 cr.
SWK 331 Policies and Programs, 3 cr.

Thanatology concentration
18 credits:
CHH 420 Understanding Bereavement, 3 cr.
CHH 421 End-of-Life Care, 3 cr.
CHH 422 Children, Teens, and Death, 3 cr.
CHH 423 Comprehending Suicide, 3 cr.
CHH 495 Community Health and Human Services Capstone, 6 cr.

24-27 credits:
University electives

Ph.D. Cap

Did You Know?

The first graduate (master’s degree) program was started in 1987. The PhD program was started in 2004 (Source: Marian University Archives).

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