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The Teacher Education Certification Program offers an alternative pathway to certification for non-traditional students who possess a baccalaureate degree and are interested in making a career change. The program prepares students for teaching grades 1-8 and qualifies them for the Middle Childhood-Early Adolescence license offered through the Department of Public Instruction.

Upon completion of the 35 credit licensure program, students can choose to apply to the master degree program, complete 8 additional credits, and earn a Master of Arts in Education degree.

This standards-based program reflects the integration of content, pedagogy, and professional studies and is comprised of 35 credits, which includes field experiences and clinical practice (student teaching). Classes are held primarily evenings and online in spring, summer and fall, to meet the needs of students presently working in other careers. Currently, courses are offered in Appleton, Fond du Lac, Wausau and West Allis. Following the program schedules and course requirements, students can complete the program in six semesters or approximately two years.

The Education Programs offered by the Marian University School of Education are approved by the:

Teacher Education Department

Post Baccalaureate Elementary-Middle Education (TCH)

The mission of Graduate Level Teacher Education Program (TCH) is to prepare candidates who already have a bachelors’ degree for the teaching profession by providing candidates with the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to assist them to develop the pedagogical, content, and technological skills necessary to function effectively as a teacher in the areas of elementary and middle school education.

Program Learning Outcomes

After completion of this program, candidates will demonstrate:An understanding of the teaching standards, including the knowledge, skills, and dispositions expected of a professional teacher.

  1. Academic competence in a broad base of general education and in a major appropriate for the licensure being sought and demonstrate knowledge of a variety of effective teaching methods and materials (including technology) which utilize skills that effectively apply content knowledge and knowledge of children and adolescents to the learning environment.
  2. The ability to design instruction effectively using a variety of instructional strategies and adapting instruction to encourage the development of critical thinking, problem solving, and performance skills for all students. Candidates also reflect on the instructional process to improve future teaching and learning experiences.
  3. An understanding and an ability to design, assess, and evaluate (both formal and informal) assessments for student learning and reflects on the assessment process to improve future teaching and learning experiences.
  4. An understanding of a diverse student population and apply appropriate instructional strategies and assessments that acknowledge sensitivity to students’ diverse learning needs.
  5. An understanding of a diverse student population and apply appropriate instructional strategies and assessments that acknowledge sensitivity to students’ diverse learning needs.

Course Name Credits
TCH 600 Orientation to the Program 0
TDE 616 Perspectives in American Education 3
TDE 618 Advanced Educational Psychology 3
TCH 620 Literacy in the Primary Grades 3
TCH 621 Literacy in the Intermediate Grades 3
TCH 626 Principles of Curriculum and Assessment 3
TCH 628 Mathematics Curriculum and Instruction 3
TCH 630 Science and Health Curriculum
and Instruction 3
TCH 632 Social Studies and Multicultural
Curriculum and Instruction 3
TCH 640 Education in the Age of Technology 2
TCH 601 Field Experience One .5
TCH 602 Field Experience Two .5
TCH 645 Clinical Practice and Seminar (grades 1–3) 4
TCH 655 Clinical Practice and Seminar (grades 4–8) 4
TCH 665 Clinical Practice and Seminar 2-8
35 credits
Additional Requirements:
Human Relations Requirement (25 hours)
Praxis II Middle School Content Knowledge Test (5146)
Wisconsin Foundations of Reading Test
Admission to Clinical Practice Portfolio (initial licensure only)
Final edTPA Portfolio/Video (Clinical Practice semester)

Plus Master Degree — Additional 8 credits
TDE 612 Action Research 3
TDE 613 Action Research in Education:
Reporting the Findings 2
Special Topics/Electives 3
8 credits

Dean, School of Education
Dr. Sue Stoddart
1-800-262-7426 ext. 8100

Department Chairperson
Dr. Kristi Reitz
1-800-262-7426 ext. 7177

Support Staff
Ms. Leah Schraeder, Support Specialist III
1-800-262-7426 ext. 8128 or 920-923-8128

Certification Officer/Advisor
Ms. Joan Ferguson
1-800-262-7426 ext. 8778

Director of Field & Clinical Experiences
Mr. Phil Johnson
1-800-262-7426 ext. 8752

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    Admission Requirements
    • A degree from an accredited four-year college or university
    • Official transcripts received by the University for review
    • 2.75 cumulative GPA from undergraduate degree
    • Completion of a course in Public Speaking (grade C or better)
    • Completion of an English Composition course (grade C or better)
    • Core Academic Skills for Educators Tests (formerly PPST)
    • A DPI recognized minor area of study comprised of credits
    from the bachelor's degree (Determined by Teacher
    Education Department)

    Kathy McCord, M.S.

    Polly Manske, M.S.
    Assistant Professor

    Aida Michlowski, Ph.D.

    Sr. Cyndi Nienhaus, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor

    Kristi Reitz, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor

    Sr. Catherine Stewart, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor

    Sue Stoddart, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor

    Robert Wagner, M.E.


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