Interdisciplinary studies

Interdisciplinary Studies

Learning across disciplines, inspiring your future.

In today's competitive job market, companies and organizations are looking for sharp professionals with critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills. Marian's interdisciplinary studies program will empower you to pursue your passion for learning—and develop the skills needed to advance your career.

Program Information

Marian University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission .

The Program
The interdisciplinary studies program provides you the opportunity to build upon the foundation of your associate degree, exposing you to new ways of thinking and problem solving. This multifaceted degree allows you to blend not just the classics with the sciences, but the business world with the arts, humanities and social sciences. You'll explore new ideas and learn to integrate knowledge from different perspectives—and sharpen crucial skills in communication, critical thinking and writing. You'll be prepared to solve problems and make decisions in creative, innovative ways. Through studying the dynamics between values and culture from multiple perspectives, you'll graduate prepared to meet the complex challenges of our diverse and interconnected world.

Liberal arts core
33 credits:
ENG 230 Professional Composition and Research Writing, 3 cr.
ART Art elective, 3 cr.
MUS Music elective, 3 cr.
ENG Literature elective, 3 cr.
BIO Biological, ecological, or environmental science elective, 3 cr.
PHS Physical science, chemistry, meteorology, or physics elective, 3 cr.
MAT Mathematics elective, 3 cr.
HIS 114 World History Since 1900, 3 cr.
HIS 2xx History elective, 3 cr.
THE Theology elective, 3 cr.
PHI Philosophy elective, 3 cr.

3 credits from the following:
PSY Psychology elective, 3 cr.
SOC Sociology elective, 3 cr.

3 credits from the following:
PHI 2xx Philosophy elective, 3 cr.
THE 2xx Theology elective, 3 cr.

Interdisciplinary studies core
6 credits:
IDS 201 Aesthetics, Values, and Culture I, 3 cr.
IDS 202 Aesthetics, Values, and Culture II, 3 cr.
IDS 400 Senior Seminar in Interdisciplinary Studies, 3 cr.

30 credits:
Electives chosen from at least three established program areas within art, history, literature, mathematics, music, natural science, philosophy, psychology, theology, or specified minors of business administration, communication, history, information technology, leadership, management, or marketing (exceptions may be made on an individual basis). A minimum of 18 credits must be earned in courses at the 300 or 400 level.

60-68 credits:
Associate degree from an approved accredited institution

For more details regarding this program, view Marian’s Academic Bulletin.

As a student pursuing your bachelor's degree in the interdisciplinary studies program, you’ll find the relevancy and quality that comes from a faculty comprised of leading experts. We offer you convenient learning centers in Appleton, Fond du Lac and West Allis, as well as evening courses from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Some courses are available online; you can start your program in the fall, spring or summer; and you'll be able to proceed through the program at your own pace by taking one or more courses per 7-week term.
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Marian has a male to female ratio of 1:3 (Source: Marian University Office of Institutional Research, June 2014).

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